On-site Food Service Division:

salad bar 2Three Cities Management LLC. has the proven capabilities, management and corporate support resources to take charge of the operation of the entire on-site food service operation from menu development, purchasing, food preparation to budgeting and maintaining the highest in service and sanitation standards. We are very flexible in responding to all client needs. So, whether your needs are limited or very expensive, we can tailor a program for you.

Menu Development: We stress variety and innovation in meal planning so that our customers look forward to eating! Our menus are prepared individually on a client-by-client basis, recognizing different preferences and nutritional needs. Seasonal and holiday menus receive additional attention.

Purchasing: Our close relationship with suppliers assures ready access to high-quality meats, fruits, and vegetables. We purchase to take advantage of seasonal prices and availabilities, and to keep within budget without sacrificing quality and variety.

Food Preparation: We are sticklers for delivering fresh food that tastes good and is prepared in safe and sanitary conditions, by people who love to prepare food.  When we can, we maximize display cooking right in front of the customer.

Food PresentationFood Presentation: We pay special attention to making dishes look appetizing, whether it is by adding garnishes, or by the way food is arranged on the serving platter. In facilities where there is self-service, we stand by to replenish quantities immediately and constantly clean up. Above all, we constantly stress cleanliness and neatness of the serving area.

Staffing: All Three Cities Management LLC. employees are screened and hired to be efficient and courteous as positive service team members. We compensate our employees with competitive wages and benefits. On-site supervisors are trained to manage your service with the highest of standards.

Sanitation and Maintenance: We clean and sanitize the food preparation and serving areas, clean up any spills in the dining and serving areas, and bus tables. After each meal we clean floors and surfaces in the dining and serving areas using cleaning agents especially formulated for food service operations.

Vending Operations: We service and maintain vending machines as needed on-site, stocking the selection on the basis of the population being served. Availabilities of other food sources influence our offerings.

Beverage Service: We can provide complete beverage service, including a full bar.

DCIM100MEDIAService Staff Management and Training: We have extensive experience in managing and training large production and service staffs as well as efficient smaller service teams. Our proven cross-training system is the key to labor efficiencies and maintaining high service standards each and every day.

Food Service Management Certification: Our managers and first line supervisors are Food Service Sanitation Certified (ServSafe) and trained in HACCP procedures.

Quality Control and Assurance: We design and implement a comprehensive and customized Quality Control System for each account. Our daily QC inspections identify any deficiencies and correct them on-the-spot.

Management Consulting Division:

As institutional food service consultants, we can undertake a myriad of projects.

Set up an In-house Food Service Operation: We show you how to organize and operate your own in-house program. Every aspect of food service is treated with special emphasis on the specific needs of your facility.

Design the Food Service Facility: We engineer food preparation areas for safety and efficient workflow. Watson Services helps its clients create attractive dining facilities for optimal traffic flows and ease of maintenance. We will work with your architect or facilities designer to maximize usefulness, labor efficiencies, and appearance.

Staff Training and Training and Recruitment: We will train your in-house staff, ranging from cooks and managers to clean-up personnel. We will provide guidelines for recruitment, or participate in the recruitment process, if needed.

Equipment Selection: We provide guidance in selecting everything from machinery to flatware. Our familiarity with the market enables us to completely equip a facility while optimizing cost savings.

Nutritional Guidance and Menu Development: We provide guidance on the nutritional requirements and preferences of children, teenagers, adults, laborers, and office workers. In addition, we can develop menus based on local and cultural preferences and provide recipes as well.

Budgeting and Forecasting: We can prepare budgets for running an in-house operation based on different levels of service. We will set up procedures to control your cost overruns.

Customer and Procurement: We will work with you to optimize purchasing by showing you how to buy seasonally or in bulk, and how to identify local suppliers who can fill your needs in terms of price and quality.

Customer Relations: We identify your customer’s needs and desires in your food service facility, including staff performance and attitude. We train your employees and managers in all aspects of customer service.

If it concerns food service, our consulting division stands ready to help, either to set up an entire in-house operation, or just refine some of the fine points.

Quality Control Systems: We can design a comprehensive and detailed Quality Control Plan and inspection system customized for each operation’s optimal performance results.